The New Home – A Story Of God’s Faithfulness

Lets try something fun, Complete the following sentence Home is where (Fill in the blank) … C’mon…. Don’t just read on like that… try to fill up the blank for yourself!!! Haha I said TRY to fill it in… that ain’t too hard… Here are some of my answers: the Wifi connects automatically!! the fridge … More The New Home – A Story Of God’s Faithfulness

some nights

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Some nights you have an encounter with God that doesn’t let you sleep. This is one of those nights.. It’s difficult to describe.. But it’s like having a face to face with Jesus Himself. It is a moment of something greater – bigger than emotion or thoughts.. Like watching…

Shepherd’s Job?

Well, to be honest, this is what my mind perceives when you say the word shepherd. One lonely man with one rod and one job. You see the same green pastures and rivers, the same sheep, same rod all day – everyday. Probably doing this just to earn a living from sheep’s wool or milk. You can’t … More Shepherd’s Job?

Behind the Scenes

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I just had one of the best days ever, what an amazing way to spend my last free Tuesday!! It’s so amazing, what goes on behind the scenes at Heart of God Church. In the office, there is always such a buzz, such an excitement, such an anticipation because there are…

4 Amazing Characteristics Of Heart Of God Church Youths

Most of the youths are not rich, we don’t have the 5 Cs (Cash, Car, Credit Card, Condominium or Country Clubs) However, the amazing thing about youths in Heart Of God Church is that we have these 4 Cs. 1. Creativity. To many adults, cash can solve most issues. From small issues like who to fix the bulb … More 4 Amazing Characteristics Of Heart Of God Church Youths