The Sticks That Keeps Me Sticking Around

Sometimes when I tell people that I have been attending Heart Of God Church for 7 years, they get a shock knowing I’m only 17 but still as passionate as the day I came, if not even more passionate about God and Heart Of God Church.

So what keeps me sticking around all these years in Heart Of God Church?

It was the year 2009 when I received it. There were many sticks manufactured all around the world all year round.

To others, it may seem like just another pair made or purchase. However, these are the only pair of sticks that gives me faith to carry on when I’m struggling.

To others, it may seem like a ordinary pair of 7A sticks, or even feel small. But this pair of sticks is the only pair of sticks that made me feel believed in.

To others, it may seem like a pair of fragile thin pair of sticks for children. But time and time again I draw strength from this pair of sticks through tough times in my life.


This pair of sticks has inspired me the past 6 years to be better at what I do, even to be a better person… Up till this day I still look at it and feel refreshed all over again.

These are the very sticks that KS bought for me as a P4 boy… I must admit there are times where I would feel incompetent, or I would have lousy thoughts about myself. Everyone has that. But this pair of sticks never fail to drive me forward.

David had the stone that killed goliath, Moses had the rod that parted the red sea and did many miracles, the young boy had his 5 loaves and 2 fishes and the widowed woman had her 2 mites.

The truth is that when you give God what is in your hands, God will take it ignite it and return it to you. What might seem ordinary suddenly becomes extraordinary.

I gave God what was in my hands at that point of time… Now, it has such a powerful meaning behind it.

Trust me, let go and let God. He will ignite ordinary things to become extraordinary.

These are the sticks is a testament that young people can do great things in Heart Of God Church. I was 11 when I first served God in church, but never once was I looked down on as immature.

Check the link below out. Its not just me. Its a whole generation of young people. 🙂

HOGC STORIES – 5 Youth Teams In HOGC You Never Knew Existed

In essence these are the sticks that keeps me sticking around. 🙂


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