some nights

Conviction over Preference

Some nights you have an encounter with God that doesn’t let you sleep. This is one of those nights..

It’s difficult to describe.. But it’s like having a face to face with Jesus Himself. It is a moment of something greater – bigger than emotion or thoughts..

Like watching the birth of a sun or a cascade of stars and admiring the majesty of the universe, the largeness of it all. But at the same time familiar and close.. Like a hug from an old friend, a mug with a steaming hot drink on a gloomy rainy morning, mundane and ordinary but intimate.

Big, yet close. It seems paradoxical and conflicting but that’s how it is. Every single time I experience God (not just read about God or sing about God, but know God on a personal level) – I am amazed again that Christ would die for me.

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