The New Home – A Story Of God’s Faithfulness

Lets try something fun, Complete the following sentence

Home is where (Fill in the blank) …

C’mon…. Don’t just read on like that… try to fill up the blank for yourself!!! Haha

I said TRY to fill it in… that ain’t too hard…

Here are some of my answers:
the Wifi connects automatically!!
the fridge is!
you get free 加饭 all the time!

Well sometimes we find ourselves taking our homes for granted. Sometimes we hear our parents say to us, “Don’t forget this is your home, not your hotel”. Well recently, we just shifted to our new home at HOGC… and I’d never, ever, EVER want to take this home for granted.

Let me share with you a story to justify my answer.

There is a pair of siblings that are very close to my heart. They are not originally from Singapore, and they didn’t come from a well to do family… In fact, they didn’t have permanent apartment in Singapore even after many years of staying here in Singapore. When they first came, they stayed on the front porch of an apartment in Singapore, little food, little shelter and practically no money. That was their home.

But thank God the brothers came to Heart of God Church 3 years ago, they experienced God here and got saved here. Church heard about their background and did not hesitate a moment to help the brothers. They didn’t have anything to offer, no skills, no abilities and certainly no money. Here in Heart of God Church where they found their home, here they found friends to do life with, tuition support from CG mates, financial help to aid their monthly rental burden, where they clothed with nice proper clothes.

Heart of God Church was the place where they were taught moral values and character. This is the place where they learnt not just to take and receive, but to be generous and give. This is the place where they gained self confidence and even dare to dream again. They used to be so broken in poverty that dreaming was not even an option, but now in church, but now they dream big dreams for God to use them in a mighty way even back in their home-country.

Up till this point, they still couldn’t afford a proper house in Singapore. But the miracle came this year… They were finally able to get a housing loan and buy a proper flat, they moved in to their New Home. It was a struggle at first as the siblings had to work to ease the financial burden, but they were so bold and strong through the process.

Above all that, the part of this story that touches me most is about their youngest brother I haven’t told you about. I nick named him “Little Ringo”. Little Ringo is 4 this year going through pre-school, he comes for HeartKidz on Sundays and is always cheerful. When I look at him, I know God is faithful. Little Ringo doesn’t have to go through what it means to sleep on the front porch or eat left over food from the trash bin. Little Ringo doesn’t have to go through school and be less fortunate compared to the rest. Little Ringo can grow to be confident in who he is and dream bigger than any of us have ever dreamed.

So if you were to ask me what did the new home mean to the brothers, I can tell you that the new home is a story of God’s faithfulness. The new home was a mark of a new season for this family. No more turning back, only looking forward.

As Heart of God Church moved into our new home, the feeling isn’t much different. As I stood there on the New Home, this building is more than just a building, it is a story of God’s faithfulness. The new home was the beginning of a new journey. No more turning back, only looking forward.




Lets try something fun, Complete the following sentence


Home is where (Fill in the blank) …

I’m clothed and fed
I was blessed to be a blessing
I found my breakthrough in life
Poverty was broken and had no hold over me

Little Ringo can live life to his fullest
Little Ringo can dream bigger than any of us
Little Ringo is going to get married and have an awesome family (Okay, thinking too far)

Many say, “Home is where the heart is.”

Well after this story I say, “Home is where Heart of God Church is.”



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