Laugh, Love, Serve, Repeat.

5 March 2016

Today the team experienced sweet victory. It was a segment in SP How’s sermon, and we knew many lives were to be changed.

All of us rehearsed our parts over and over again. The feeling was great when we gave each other 150% attention to help each other out. Build the atmosphere even when it is just rehearsal. Bounced of each other’s idea and encouraged each other.

Living the simple life is pretty awesome. Very awesome. Today’s team comprised of the youth leaders. No complication or politics. laugh, love, serve, repeat.

The beauty of it all is that no one was fighting for glory. But we all just had one common vision – to raise a strong generation of Youths for Christ.

No one wanted to speak more to gain attention, nobody slackened or gave anything less than their best. Everyone was willing to sacrifice extra hours of sleep, preparing till late night and waking up extra early to reach at 830AM.

When each person nails their part, the whole team rejoices and is even more encouraged to do better.

When we nailed the actual segment. Saw all the lives being touched and changed. Seeing a generation grow up… Every effort was worth it all. And thats what its all about.


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